Darren ‘Shakee’ Glasford

Darren Glasford, commonly known as Shakee, has built an impressive career spanning more than three decades in Bermuda as a Personal Safety and Security Professional. Trained in the UK as a highly skilled advanced driver and rider, with the relevant qualifications and experience to also teach and train, Darren conducted driver training for over 20 years in Bermuda. He consistently provides quality instruction for all levels of driving and riding.

Darren is also a Firearms Instructor who has delivered quality training to Firearms personnel locally and overseas. He has been trained to provide advice on dealing with threats and risk. He has over 20 years of experience in the use of Firearms and Tactical Operations Darren is also a trained as an Executive Protection Officer with over 20 years of experience. He has worked on a number of high profile details for dignitaries locally and overseas. In his spare time, he is an avid cyclist.


Michael Thomas has over 34 years of experience as a Personal Safety and Security Professional. He is an experienced Driving / Riding Instructor, having been formally trained in the UK. Michael, exercises and manages the skills he built over his career that include Firearms, Executive Protection, providing advice on how to manage threats and risk, and a Personnel Safety Trainer, Michael has played cricket in Bermuda’s top league since his high school days at Whitney Institute and can now be seen regularly cycling.


Minton Gilbert is a Personal Safety and Security Professional with over 33 years of experience. Minton performs as a Driving Instructor, training people with advanced driving and riding education. His training includes certification in Executive Protection, Advanced Driving, Motorcycle Riding, Driving/Riding Instruction, and Firearms tactics. Minton has a very calm personality, which is evident in his teaching delivery.


Dorian Astwood has spent many years as a Trainer and Security Professional. Dorian served as a driving and riding Instructor for several years. He has a background in Firearms Tactics and Use and has been trained to give advice to deal with threats and risk. He has performed in Executive Protection having received fundamental training here locally, the USA and the UK.   Dorian is family orientated, an animal lover and enjoys trying new things. He believes in living a healthy and stress free life.


Brian MacNab has been a Personal Safety and Security professional for over 30 years’ his experience has been gained worldwide with the last 16 years here in Bermuda. Brian specializes in Use of Force, in his current role he exercises the skills built over his career including Firearms, Personal Safety and Public Safety instruction, A strong believer in training people to be best prepared for work and life, Brian regularly designs bespoke courses and training. He also provides expert evidence both domestically and overseas. Brian enjoys a good Netflix binge but can also be found on bike rides both indoors and out.